Samee Aboubakare

Wealth Manager

Samee Aboubakare is a Wealth Manager with a commitment to guiding individuals towards financial freedom. As a young father establishing his own household, Samee intimately understands the interplay between life’s complexities and financial matters. With a background as an equity research analyst at a prominent family office in New York, Samee brings a wealth of knowledge in fundamental analysis and a systematic approach to financial management. His expertise allows clients to make informed decisions, aligning their financial strategies with their unique goals.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Samee finds fulfillment in community service and actively volunteers at his local church. He also loves playing multiple sports and spending time with his wife and daughter.

As a Wealth Manager, Samee is dedicated to assisting his clients in realizing their financial aspirations. Whether guiding them through investment strategies, retirement planning, or overall wealth management, Samee is committed to providing personalized and strategic advice to help his clients accomplish their goals.

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