Nasar Aboubakare

Nasar Aboubakare

Owner / President

Nasar Aboubakare is a Lifestyle Financial Advisor with a passion for helping small businesses succeed. He has firsthand experience with the challenges of running a family-owned business, having grown up in a household where his parents operated a successful jewelry store since 1978. He knows the importance of hard work and financial management in keeping a small business afloat, and is dedicated to helping others pursue their goals.

In addition to his professional expertise, Nasar is an avid outdoors enthusiast. He enjoys camping, off-roading, and other outdoor activities in his free time. He also has a passion for collecting art and spending time with his grandchildren.

As a Lifestyle Financial Advisor, Nasar is committed to helping his clients pursue their financial goals, whether they are looking to save for retirement, invest in their business, or simply manage their money more effectively. He is dedicated to providing personalized, comprehensive advice and guidance to help his clients pursue their dreams.

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